November 6th

Thursday, 6 November, 2014, at the earlier time of 8 pm

in the Abbey Tavern

Alan McLeod will be screening his film ‘Perils and Pearls’,  about the  Howth fishing community.

Film will start at 8 pm, followed by singing session following the theme of the film.

Please note 8 o clock start

This is a unique film and should set the scene for a great evening.


A Certificate of Appreciation from the Irish Red Cross for the monies raised on the Singers For Gaza night. Accounted through Howth Singing Circle, it was made clear that Bray Singing Circle, An Góilín Traditional Singers’ Club, Malahide Singing Circle, The Night Before Larry Got Stretched, and Song Central were equally involved. Thanks again to Deirdre Madden and Fergus Russell, the main organisers. Gaza and Palestine remain in crisis and continuing efforts are required. Stay in contact through the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Thanks again to all concerned